The VT3 mini provides robust eye tracking in a compact module.

With its universal magnetic mount, the VT3 mini is the perfect choice for those looking for the best value in professional eye tracking. With its large head motion box and reliable fixed data rate the compact and simple to use VT3 mini provides the high level of accuracy. 
Smaller and More Rugged
The redesigned TM3mini housing is an inch shorter than its predecessor and has the USB connection in the back where it is protected from bumps and knocks. 

Increased Head Motion Tolerance
New 10 mm lens provides a 15% increase in head motion box.

Improved Accuracy Outdoors 
​Strobing IR lights enable robust tracking in all types of lighting.  In addition, an optical filter integrated into the front cover improves tracking near windows and other tough lighting conditions.

Less Distraction
The smaller tracking indicator lights on the front reduce distraction.

Same Mounting Options
​The mounting pattern is the same as the old mini to simplify hardware compatibility.Easy magnetic mounting capability makes this the model of choice when using a laptop or sharing across multiple computers. No tools required. Easily swap between laptops, tablets or desktop computers. The QuickCAPTURE gaze analysis software and QuickLINK API also comes included to allow researchers and developers access to valuable metrics such as gaze position, dwell times, blink rates, pupil size, and much more.