The ETMobile is the very latest in eye tracking technology, allowing the respondent completely unrestricted movement in just about any situation. Here are just some of the areas the ETMobile is being used in: 

  • Market Research
  • Sports Science
  • Psychology
  • Human Factors
  • Medical Training
  • Driver Awareness

This next generation mobile eye tracking system, the ET Mobile, delivers stunning high-definition with advanced wireless capabilities.

With increased resolution and clarity in a wide range of settings, this sophisticated lightweight technology features a HD scene camera and solid state recording device. Fully wireless, this system facilitates live and wireless data transmission for fast and easy viewing.
The ETMobile is a truly tetherless, compact eye tracking system that collects eye movement with point of gaze and pupil information during the performance of natural tasks. It allows the use of unconstrained eye, head and hand movements under variable lighting conditions. Performing well in both day light as well as at night.
The cameras are built into lightweight wraparound safety-glasses which do not impair peripheral vision and are designed to deliver highly accurate data on active participants in real world environments.
Easy to use
The ETMobile is also easy to adjust for any research task. Various scene cameras can be easily interchanged, repositioned and calibrated for differente distances. Participants are able to move freely within the environment wearing a small processing device in a backpack. The ETMobile is incredibly accurate, its high level of calibration means it can even accommodate small children, participants wearing spectacles and taxing outdoor environments.