advances in eye tracking technology over recent years have meant that not only is it possible to track eye movements in such envoirments as fMRI scanners,  but just importantly, in real world situdations such as a surgeon opperating on a patient in theater 

Medical Research
Some medical research applications are, of course, covered in other sections, fMRI and Psychology for example. But there are many other applications for Medical Research, Autism, Radiography, Self- Image Related Eating Disorders, Visual Field Dysfunction, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Rehabilitation after surgery and so on.

Often pupil diameter is a key indicator and eye trackers are being used in Clinical Trials of new drugs, sensitivity trials of Cosmetics, Alzheimers Research, Drug Abuse in Sport, Gait Analysis being just some of many. If you have a particular application in mind the probability is that we can provide references relating to previous research in that area.

ASL can integrate and or synchronise with many other devices such as EEG, ECG and Motion Capture systems such as Vicon, NDI, Qualysis and others.
Contact us if you need to synchronise with another device.